Doctors or Victims

The past one month has to be the worst for the Medical community of the Indian nation. So many violence against the Indian doctors.

An assault on Dr.Rohit Gupta because an 80-year-old patient with liver cirrhosis and cardiac failure could not be saved.And to add insult to injury, he was robbed of his belongings. The court though initially refused bail,decided to grant bail to the accused probably because they were lawyers.

Another case where Dr.Sandeep Amle was assaulted because a patient passed away. The said patient’s relatives were constantly counselled and even advised to shift to a higher centre as the prognosis for life was very bad and eventually after 2 weeks the patient passed away.

A doctor attempts suicide at Trichy due to alleged forced over work and pressure by superior authorities. Dr.Nehru was working as an RMO in Trichy govt hospital.

The Doctors and organizers of Joseph Eye hospital sentenced to 1-year of jail and ordered to compensate for 66 patients who became blind due to contaminated medicines.

These are just a few. No doctor starts treating a patient to see the patient suffer or die. As in the case of Dr.Rohit Gupta, it was clearly evident that the accused were not just venting out their anger, but also showing their true self. Robbing the doctor for death? Seriously?? Is that your screwed up idea of justice?

The latest case being the verdict on the Doctors and organisers of Joseph Eye hospital. They have been sued and sentenced for 1-year jail for alleged medical negligence pertaining to the loss of vision in 66 people who were operated in camp.

First, where does the fault lie? The court has mentioned it was due to contaminated medications. Was it the doctors’ fault? How is a doctor supposed to find out that a certain drug is contaminated or not? Even if it is, should it not be the company that manufactures the drug be questioned and punished rather than the person who hands it out?

Second, 1-year of imprisonment on the basis of medical negligence?? Medicine is not exact science. A car accident due to a tyre burst or leading to an air-bag failure causing death of a person does not get the car manufacturer into jail. When something like that gets leniency, why do the Doctors who try to provide free service get such harsh punishments?

Then most importantly,(may be blunt but it is a fact), the patients were actually operated under camp. FOR FREE. Even if you come up with the argument that the government pays for it, the government does so from the tax payers money. How does the non tax-payer who enjoy such free benefits, who have not even paid for the surgery get to sue the Hospital? A consumer cannot sue without having paid for a service that he so happily agreed for free. And as if that were not enough, the so-called “consumers” in this case are not happy with the judgement and want to move to higher court for harsher punishment.

Only in India can a person get sued for giving something for free. No wonder Doctors don’t want to stay in India. If such judgements are not revised and the error in them realized, then Doctors will have no option but to say no to free camps and operations even if it is sponsored by the government or WHO. After all, when there is first sign of trouble, it is the same govt that punishes the doctor.

The day when the medical profession is deemed highly dangerous is not far off. Or should i rather say, It has already begun?

Please clink on the link below and sign the petition to show your support for the Doctors of Joseph Eye Hospital.


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