Cricket after a long time!!

India’s and pretty much every ones world cup 2015 dream was shattered except Australia’s last Sunday. So now it has left that bitter feeling of wanting “more” cricket in most of the Cricket fans I guess. I remember that during the IPL season back during UG days, we would start our own version of IPL and try our luck and skills with the bat and ball.

Enter PG and there were hardly anyone to play cricket with. The company does get awfully small in PG even if you count colleagues from other departments. But still, now and then I used to play for the PG team and also occasionally on sundays with my senior.

After PG, for the past 2 years, there has been no sports in my life. So, when I saw the small kids playing around after the world cup match at my hospital(they usually play football and I have no idea what that is), I decided to join them. A 27 year old guy playing with kids ranging from 10 years to 16 years of age. WOW!! How awkward would that be?

But as it turned out, some of the teenagers in the group were good with the bat and ball and soon I found myself enjoying after the first game with them. Playing with a rubber ball with all those unexpected bounces, with limited areas to hit for runs and given out if the ball goes directly out of the fence really made the game better.

But the bad part is, I felt the post-game pain kick in just after 3-4 hours. Well, all these months of inactivity in sports does have its toll when u suddenly start to play without any stretching or warm up I guess. But now, the fever has caught up with even my Chief and other colleagus so much that we are forming a team to participate in the intra-institutional cricket match which is coming up. Well, I hope we dont lose miserably as the people we are gonna face are students from engineering,ayurvedha and pharmacy..:) For now enjoying a game of cricket as much as I can on the field rather than on the couch..:)

you are welcome to comment :)

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