Catching up

It’s high time I visited my blog. Though i wanted to for quite some time, two things had me quite pre-occupied.

1. The obvious-My newborn daughter who completed her 2 months yesterday

2. My new-found interest-photography

It has been wonderful seeing my daughter grow up day by day, achieving small milestones one by one. She has already started to follow with her eyes which is a sign of good fixation. Also she has recently developed social smile, especially towards me, which has left my wife jealous !! :P..Its a unique feeling which cannot be expressed by words when your kid looks at u and gives an innocent smile. At that one moment, that one cute little smile takes away all my worries and I enjoy it to the fullest.

Coming to the second part of the topic. My new interest-Photography. I have to say that it has been pure luck that I further developed my interest in photography during my last few days as a fellow in my current Hospital,Ahalia foundation Eye Hospital. Because, in less than a month, I have photographed a whooping 45 types of birds inside the campus alone. That’s a huge number considering it’s from a single place.

All I had to do was spend an hour or so daily roaming around the campus which has atleast 8-9 man-made ponds and a dense number of trees. And it seldom failed to give me a new bird every day. It is not just the number of birds which I fell lucky to have spotted. Because of the campus, I could approximately judge where and when a type of bird can be found. This helped me in pushing myse;f to take a better shot of a bird though initially I used to be satisfied with less than average shots being content that I had recorded a bird. Of course, criticism and appreciation from friends and family have also been a great motivation in further developing my skills.

During the initial 15-20 days, I would get so much involved that I started carrying the camera to the Hospital so that i could directly go shooting after work. Coming back also kept me involved with the post-processing of pics where I learnt how much of a difference RAW format editing can make from a JPEG editing. I could spend more time in it cos my wife and daughter were away with my parents during those days.

For those wondering what this post has got to do with the featured image, those are my colleagues. And it was my very first Holi celebration ever thanks to Dr.Neha who organized a really good Holi party at her place.

Hoping to be touch with blogging much more regularly. Thanks for visiting..:)Check out my FB @ to see some of bird pics. Pics of my daughter?? Well, guess u have to wait till she grows a little bit more..:)

you are welcome to comment :)

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