The arrival of my little Princess..

Wow!! I became a dad yesterday!! What a journey it has been…:) My wife’s 1 month of stay at the hospital for a threatened Pre-term, all the anxiety, and what not!!
Finally at 35+6 weeks, our little princess arrived yesterday.:) With beautiful eyes as my wife’s, when she looked at me, it was such a heavenly feeling..:)
Being a doctor, I had the opportunity to stay by my wife’s side during the course of her labour which eased off some of the tension.Just 3 hours of NICU stay for observation, and back to the mother, both the mother and baby are doing well..
Close friends and relatives came by to see them and shower the baby with gifts. My dad was all the more excited in seeing his second granddaughter than me I should rather say. Who wouldn’t be.:)
Finally all is well that ends well I hope:)
Looking into the future now.:)

you are welcome to comment :)

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