Photography-reverse mounting

Just another boring blog about an amateur’s new-found interest in photography. But still, might be interesting for other amateurs like me..:)

The canon 600 D is a pretty much a good camera for an amateur i guess. It came with a basic 18-55 mm lens for normal portrait photography which is the only one i had been experimenting with(cut out the experiment part)..Enter 2015!!  I decided to expand my interests a lil bit more. Reason mainly being inspired by photos of my relatives, Macro shots-Sivakumar Kolandaisamy mama and Bird photography-Saminathan Babu anna.

So after spending quite some considerable amount studying the theory about the basics, I came to know tha bitter truth that I could not take either Macro or Bird photos with the default 18-55 mm lens that came with the 600 D.(Unless u have ants the size of a bottle cap to get the clear details for micro or domestic birds as pets)

Then i came across the term “Reverse mounting” in one of the blogs. Basically it is what it sounds like.Reversing the lens attachment which reduces the working distance, magnifies the image and improves the focal length for macro.  The first experimental picture was the speakers of my iPhone.


After testing on a few more inanimate tiny objects like a 5 rupee coin, a wooden chip and grooves on a car key, i decided to shoot something alive. The two most easily found, yet not-so dangerous living things which can also be worked at close-range if u have the patience-A mosquito, and a cellar spider(carrying eggs-a lucky coincidence in my case)

Pholcidae carrying eggs(Cellar spider)

Pholcidae carrying eggs(Cellar spider)

The tiny blood sucker!!!

The tiny blood sucker!!!

After a few more shots of inanimate objects again on following days, like a kid given a new toy, I found a dragon fly which piqued my interest. After failing miserably to get close to even get one decent shot, i chanced upon a Jumping spider. I wsa delighted as well as thrilled when i finished taking the pic of the Jumping spider(only its eyes came out focused but I felt I pretty much nailed it with that for an amateur using reverse mount)


A jumping spider:)

Some of the disadvantages of holding a reversed lens  are(own experience.may vary with others)

1.Extremely close working distance and hence shot becomes blurry

2. Extremely shallow depth of field,like in the case of spiders where only eyes/eggs could be focused

3.Chance of dropping the lens(but u can buy reverse mount rings or the more cruder way-apply tape to it).

Alternatives for macro with 18-55mm lens can be found if u browse the internet.

All pictures are unedited and uncropped.As it was taken. Not even RAW.

Please share ur insights and experience and help me become a better photographer.Oh, and by the way, a new lens is on the way. Guess what?? Check out later to find out what lens it is in a few days..:)

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