Getting old the right way

Long long ago, so long ago……well thats stretching it a bit far. Its about a conversation with one of my frineds about 5-6 years back. While dining outside with my friends, i happened to notice one of my friend gobble 3-4 eggs. A little bit concerned, since he was on the heavier side already, I asked him to watch his diet. The reply he gave me was one way of looking at life i would say. He told ” Well am enjoying the moment. What are u gonna do by saying no to an extra egg just cos you can live a year or two, or may be even 10 years more than me? Above 60 years of age, isn’t it better to die quickly than fight it out with old age?”. Fair enough. But if life were only that much easier.

It’s not what you experience after 50 or 60 years of age. With diseases like Diabetes and Hypertension sneaking up on people at a much younger age(even type 2 Diabetes), the difference in the quality of life is simply too large. We find it hard to take tablets continuously for even 5-10 days. Thinking about it, the ordeal of taking tabs for the rest of your life starting at an early age is simply too much.Even if we go by the principle of my friend and his egg(s), not everyone gets to kick the bucket in their sleep or in a day. Even the gym maniacs and health freaks succumb to old age. We are no exception.

Getting old in a healthy way not only saves you from a lot of difficulties, but also lessens the work for your children/relatives saving them the trouble of looking after you. Taking care of your health doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym daily or doing a triathlon. It is so easy as changing your diet and life style. Eat less of fatty foods, oily substances, fried food etc and more of foods like fruits, vegetables, protein rich food. Coffee or tea addict? Try green tea. Find healthier alternatives to your cravings. Of course, it’s not like you can never dream about a dessert or something. Indulging once in a while is ok provided you compensate for that.


Not much of a gym enthusiast? Try walking with your better-half/friends/family. Never too late to start. Start slowly and increase your time. Cycling/swimming are also good alternatives. It’s best to have company to encourage each other.


Smoking!!. Cigarette is not just bad for you, but for those around u also even more so. And by saying “those around you” i don’t just mean that guy at work that you loathe or the people at the shop that you smoke along with. It also applies to your family members, your better half and your kids. Whats worse ? Your kid may pick up the habit from you. So time you quit smoking.

Alcohol!! The most argued topic on alcohol is probably its benefits. But to what extent? Moderation is the key. But the term moderation doesn’t apply to alcohol and alcoholics, especially in India. Limit it to social gatherings (not the daily visit to your friend’s house and definitely not someone coming over to your place just to drink) and special occasions.


Have some ailment? Visit a doc before it becomes a pain in the ass. Small things overlooked become bigger problems. If you are taking medications for diabetes or hypertension, don’t stop them without consulting your doctor. There is a reason why there is a medical board and certification for people to start and stop drugs for disease with the title “Doctor” awarded to them. So please don’t listen to that neighbour or relative who asks you to stop your drugs cos he apparently read/heard somewhere. If you have doubts with your physician, get a second EXPERT opinion(in this case,another doctor). And NO, the people at the pharmacy/ tv shows/ the lab technician etc don’t count as experts.

These are small things which you can change easily with little effort that will impact the quality of life in the long run. Of course you may choose not to do so, opt for the “live for today” or whatever, but it’s always better to be cautious than repent later. After all, prevention IS still better than cure even to this day..:)

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