The ACS medical college issue

For those of you who might not be aware, its one of the medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. Whats so special about it? The medical council of India(MCI) decided to slap a notice saying they cannot admit any MBBS students after the first batch of admission. And that the re-inspection for the first batch will be conducted after four years from 2009. Big deal. Happens in many Medical colleges. But whats special about this college is, the management decided to ignore the fact that they were not allowed to admit a second batch of MBBS students and went ahead with admissions for the second year.The reason that they give is that the MCI had given the go ahead for 2 batches of admissions. It is taken for granted usually that when a college has a previous batch for a specified course, subsequent batches are also eligible to be admitted.

Now after 4 years of completing their MBBS, the second batch students are not allowed to do their Intership by the MCI saying that their batch is not at all recognized. After 4 years and 6 months of breaking their heads over 14 + subjects??? Kudos to you MCI. Whats more. The government also is dealing the case at a leisurely pace. To those who are non-medicos-if an MBBS graduate does not finish his internship before April, he/she is not eligible to join PG that academic year.Meaning that he/she has to wait another whole year before joining PG,which is another 3 more years of study.

Now almost 8 months have passed since the second batch students finished their fourth year exams but still no judgement regarding their case. Some one needs to step up. The government or the MCI. The fault is with the administration. Not the students or their parents. How is it that a college is deemed ineligible within a year of granting permission for MBBS admissions? Is it right to punish the students for what the management has done? You are not just wasting 1 year of their lifetime, nor are u asking them to forget about the 4 1/2 years of studying. It’s about totally condemning their career as such. What are they supposed to do now? Join some other medical college and study for another 5 years? Or join another course entirely without an inkling to what engineering/law/arts is?

MCI is known as the regulatory body for anything regarding medical education among other things in India. If so, they should find a solution for this soon as they, more than others, know the hardships in completing MBBS and the duration to become a Doctor. Isnt it enough for a Doctor to face the countless criticisms during his/her practice or should they be subjected to such tortures during their peroid of education too? The Supreme court has ordered to come to a conclusion almost 2 months back. But still there is no proper response. The better way to approach this would be to allow the batch to do their Interships at a Govt Medical college and take action on the administrator rather than denying the poor students their degree, career and life.

Please do share your thoughts, share this post, spread the word, suggest or do whatsoever to help out. Thank you

5 thoughts on “The ACS medical college issue

  1. Well Dr. there are a few more facts. the college actually breached the bar of MCI that it should not admit students for the second year, by admitting the students for the second year. I don’t know why MCI should deny recognition if the college has complied with all norms. Protracted litigation is going on. its learnt that few months back the High Court, Madras had directed MCI to recognise this college. But still there is no light. What the management is doing here. have not accused the management of the college. i feel MCI cannot deny recognition etc. if the college administration has complied with the regulations. The same management has another college in Karnataka a full fledged recognised one. Then what is wrong? in my opinion, the college -must get de-affiliated from the private deemed university of the same management and get affiliation with Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University, the government varsity for medical colleges in Tamilnadu. This will enable easier recognition by MCI and possible re-distribution of students among existing affiliated colleges for continuing internship. But the administration must shed its ego and do this, accepting its defeat. Will it do? in any case the time lost by the students is lost and nothing can compensate this.


  2. actually, contrary to the belief, the govt colleges have equally tougher times with the MCI from what i have heard…the salem medical college was given recognition initially for 70 seats whereas the annapoorna medical college in the same city which is against all the norms and regulations was given 125 seats. But what can be done is, recognising atleast this batch of students by allowing them to do interships at other previously recognized govt institutes thus enabling them to register as a medical practitioner


  3. i concur Dr. But my point is that the solution has to be initiated by the ACS management. Having admitted students against the prohibition of MCI, is it not their moral responsibility atleast to see to it that the students become doctors. I feel a lack of sense of this responsibility. Many solutions including ones suggested by you are possible if and only if the ACS management is ready and willing. someone has to bell the cat. Some forum of doctors can intervene in this matter in support of the students.


    • That was my intention when i posted this..but unfortunately at that time it somehow didnt get posted on my fb..i have re-posted it hoping that some of my fellow docs will also take an interest into this. And yes! The administration IS at fault and has to answer.. But that can wait, as it is alteady late..only the govt and MCI as of now can bring about a faster solution..


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