A field day at the local carnival

If u r an Indian, am sure most of u would have made a visit to the local carnival( fair/amusement park/exhibition/whatever u call it)..Mostly during childhood. Recently, on our short visit to Coimbatore, me and my better-half,Niku, decided to visit one(rather say SHE decided as in the case of all married men’s life) actung upon a spur of the moment decision when we were crossing the one at the Avinashi road..So what was it like?? NOSTALGICCC!!! What else!!!:)
As soon as I went to buy the entry tickets, a nice, soothing nostalgic feeling of the wonderful times I had during my childhood visits to the carnival hit me..:) Though it had been several years (god knows how long) since I last visited a carnival, and the first time ever with Niku, I was all the more excited just the way I used to be when we visited the fair during my childhood days.
But as soon as I entered, I became aware that this was not going to be be the same as the ones I had Been to when I was a kid. The ones where I had been to as a kid had a mandatory snake woman or a mermaid picture in big posters as a part of the attraction. Also, the Ferris wheel would be very much visible and also audible I should say, with the people on it screaming their lungs out, makin it appear as if the Ferris wheel itself was making a noise to get our attention.
But What we came across immediately as we entered was a giant set of fake Ta Mahal..!! All lighted up and even a fake reflecting pool in front of it. What more, there were even people hovering around it offering to take pictures for as low as 10 Rupees which looked stunning for the price,I should say. Though we weren’t up for it, I did take a pic of the fake Taj Mahal:)


Then we ventured further into the exhibition to be greeted by vendors selling cotton candy, cup corns among others. After getting a cotton candy and a cup of corn for ourselves, we started walking past the various shops which included the shops where anything u take is 30 rupees, the shop for toys(lots of Ben 10 and chotta bheem), till we came across one part fo the entertainment section.FUN GAMES.
As soon as I saw the fun games, I told Niku that I was gonna play each and every game there was!! She started laughing thinking I was joking to only realise seconds later that I was not as I stepped up to try my luck in shooting balloons. I was given five chances and the prize was a 2 litre coke bottle if I succeeded 4 times out of 5..After miserably failing to even shoot one single balloon, I decided to give up on my secret ambition of becoming a super spy agent like Mr.Bond..The least I could do was pose for a pic of “Mr & Mrs. Smith” with Niku.( but they didnt have the rifle u know, they had this hand gun type and it was not so good and u know thats why or else I coulda or woulda…………..blah blah blah)

Up next was an even more challenging task with an even better take home prize. THE MISSION- To knock down a 5 level pyramid stacking of 15 paper cups with a sponge ball.THE PRIZE- a home-theatre if knocked down on the first attempt, a barbie doll on the second attempt. The third? Huh? I phased out concentrating all my cricketing throw skills, cos I didnt even consider going as far as the third chance ..But much to my amusement, (or should I say embarrassment) I couldn’t knock down all the cups even with all the three chances. Convincing myself that the bottom-most cups must be glued to the table, I decided to not make a big fuss out of it( u know,like the good guy who lets bygones be bygones) and settle for a picture of the game for the blog.


Fully determined to win atleast one prize before heading on to the rides, I tried my luck with Ring toss and another game where 5 table tennis-sized balls were to be put in the number 6 slot in slots numbering 1-6. The results were eventually the same as with the other games. Utter failure!!! That’s when I came to the conclusion that they had laced my corn with some kind of drug!!( though they did give a small tennis racquet or whatever it was supposed to be).



Fearing poisoning, we rushed to the food section to neutralise the drug with the BIGG Delhi Pappad…😜😜..after savouring the Pappad, once I was confident the effect of the drug had worn off, we decided to leave. We decided that The rides ( I didnt trust the safety of the ones at the local fair)and 3D shows have to wait till the new member of our family arrives..😊..


A little bit disappointed not having seen the snake woman or the Mermaid, but still happy about having a great unplanned field day at the exhibition, we left a happy couple.:)


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