An awesum week comes to an end..

My Diwali holiday is almost over..And Wow! What an awesum week has it been.. Starting from the full retina surgery I got to do at work to the joyful stay at chennai with my in-laws, this week has etched quite some memorable events in my life. Monday and Tuesday at work was quite pleasant as I got to perform a full retina surgery by myself. Followed by my trip to chennai on Wednesday ( mentioned in my previous post), it was quite a great start to a great week. On Thursday, had a small Pooja at home followed by lunch and shopping. After returning from shopping, I had quite some fun bursting crackers along with my wife, Niku and sis-in-law, Mythu (though I was a little bit against it). On Friday, Balaji, my wife’s cousin joined us and we went to a place called “Coffee tales” where the had 30 plus varieties of maggi noodle dishes!! Am not joking. I even took a pic of the menu card in case someone doesn’t believe me. IMG_5476.JPG Then we went to Chennai’s biggest mall “Phoenix”, where I was in for some surprises. First was the “complete entertainment exchange” shop on the ground floor where I found so many variety of used ps3 games at cheap prices. Not only can one buy used games there, but they also pay good money for pre-owned games. And they had a huge variety of games( including naruto,DC universe vs Mortal combat, Dc:Injustice gods among us), games which I couldn’t find even in sony showrooms and reliance elctronics. They also offer used ps3’s with one year warranty and buy used ps3’s for Xbox, ps2 and psp are also available. Though Friday I didn buy any cos I couldn’t make up my mind. Second thing we went to “Hamley’s” toy shop. I went inside looking for a bobble head toy of superman to fight against the bobble head batman my friend Roshan had bought previously( we ARE fully grown adults, and am 27 years old and Roshan is around 35 I guess.:p..and we are VERY proud of our toys, mind u). I did find Sups toy but being a bats fan, I couldn’t agree to myself that sups could win over batman..And then, behold!! There he was! The only hero capable of standing toe to toe with Batman.

IMG_5453-0.JPG None other than…..SHELDON COOPER!!! Yup. From Big Bang theory of course..:) without further thoughts I got Shelly’s bobble head toy and left a happy person. After that we headed to “Spaghetti kitchen” to have some awesum Italian food I have ever tasted. Especially the lasagna!!

IMG_5472.JPG It was already 9:30 and we had to start back as it would take an hour to reach back home. Still half of the mall unexplored, I left rather disappointed with a brief visit to Starbucks.. The next day(Saturday), me, Balaji, Niku and Mythu started early to the Forum Vijaya mall. After spending about half an hour there, we realized that it felt empty compared to Phoenix mall and decided to go explore the other half of the Phoenix mall we hadn’t visited. This time we had plenty of time to roam around the mall. So after buying a Chudi for Niku, we went to “HARD ROCK CAFE”. Though this branch at the mall did not offer any alcolholic drinks, all of us had some nice food and mocktails and had a wonderful time( since none of us prefer alcohol).

IMG_5474.JPG Having satisfied the adult side of myself, I decided to indulge the kid in me.I decided to go back to the used games shop to get myself a “Naruto storm 3 fill thrust” and “Dc universe vs mortal combat”. Finally satisfied, we headed back home. Today morning we started at 9 from chennai, and reached Coimbatore at about 10:15 am. Balaji’s dad picked us up from the airport and when we reached home,another surprise was waiting for me. Home-made Crab and fish curry!!!! Just As I was thinking that an awesum week had cum to an end, my uncle an aunt made sure to not let it end on a dull note with this awesum food thanks also to Balaji’s granny.. Now I just can’t wait to get back to my place to try out the games …:p Oh yeah, also to show off my shelly bobble head to Roshan..:)


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