My “Thala” Diwali at Chennai and the pollution!!!

Diwaliiiii…almost synonymous with crackers if u ask a kid. It’s one of those special occasions for Hindus across the world, especially in India. And for me, this Diwali is a lil bit more special. It’s my “thala” Diwali. What’s that??? Well it’s the first Diwali a guy celebrates with his wife…:) and not just that..I got 5 days off from work too!!! Now how cool is that?? Yipeeeee!!!
So what’s so special about thala Diwali?? I get to be one of the two special people in our family. The other person obviously my better half. One is usually invited over to the girl’s home and showered with the Diwali goodies such as sweets, clothes, awesum Diwali special food, crackers(even at 27 years of age I guess), etc..
We started on 22 October morning at 11 am at cbe and reached chennai airport by 12. But since my wife couldn’t find her mobile phone when we reached the airport car park, we had to go back to the airport security and request to be allowed to search the places we were during our brief period at the airport. After a failed attempt to locate the phone( battery was low and so it had switched off unfortunately),we headed back to the car. Just as we were getting ready to leave, my wife found out that the phone was lying on the floor of the car itself. After mumbling over the wasted 30 min , we left for my in-law’s place with my sis-in-law and wife’s cousin.
After we reached home and recieved blessings from my in-laws, finished off an awesum lunch and had some family time with the in-laws.
By Evening, we got ready and left or EA mall for shopping, courtesy my in-laws…after prodding over half a dozen shirts and pants, bought a pair and started back.

It was almost 9 when we reached my in-law’s place at Anna Nagar. By then most of the crackers had been burst. I was expectin kids to be running here and there and see some flower pots and sparkles. But what I saw or rather not, shocked me. Just as soon as we entered the streets of the avenue, the visibility dropped almost to 20 metres as a result of a thick fog due to the smoke from the crackers long burst by now. Initially I thought that it was just some mist due to the climate(was slightly drizzling). Then as soon as I opened the door, the smell of burnt crackers hit me..I was at a loss for words after witnessing the amount of pollution.

It struck me why I had stopped bursting crackers some 10 years ago (though I burst one or two now and then wen some one insisted).. But this Diwali I had already burst quite a few as it was my thala Diwali.
Feelin a little bit sarcastic about myself, i once again told myself that I should stop contributing to the pollution that is killing Mother Earth.
For those who read this post, please do try not to burst crackers. Find out some innovative ways of celebrating Diwali. Diwali is to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. Doesn’t mean we have to burst crackers which will only make the world dark for te future generations. Even a simple candle is light enough to win over darkness. Atleast reduce the numbers…:) a very happy Diwali to one and all..:)



2 thoughts on “My “Thala” Diwali at Chennai and the pollution!!!

  1. thats right. not just pollution. people dont want to believe that deepavali has nothing to do with crackers. were there crackers when deepavali was first celebrated. when was it . nobody knows. but records say, when akbar celebrated deepavali in his court, crackers were burst for the first time. i had tweeted this long back. i never knew about your views on crackers on the day of your ‘taladeepavali’.. next time no…above all thinking about the child labour issues and the almost inhuman conditions in those ‘factories’… let us ban crackers.

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    • totally agree with u..some one invented a better way to spread light without realising the side effects..the amount of smoke and dust in one single day(or should i say week) is unimaginable..added to that the child labour and hazards…hope they ban it soon…


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