Moving ahead

Last week i finally performed a different kind of laser procedure-focal laser for a patient. The feeling u get when u do something new in the field of medicine is always special. Be it when u learn how to give the first injection as a student or the first anasthesia as an intern and so on. So why am i excited now about this laser though i have performed other lasers? Well focal laser is something unique about a retina specialist and unlike the scatter laser, this one takes quite sometime to grasp the concept.

Not just that.Last week also marked the day when i performed my first fluid air exchange and silicone oil injection, steps of Retina detachment surgent, thus inching forward slowly to becoming a full fledged Retina surgeon. Still lots of hurdles to cross and steps to learn. What am learning more is how to deal with different kinda people (still not very good at it though). The cunning one, the short-tempered one, the bossy one, the cheeky one…mostly the bad types. They come as a bunch. Sometimes i lose my cool. Sometimes i try to ignore them,. But it feels so unnatural though getting angry causes me to get stuck on the topic for hours sometimes days together. But hopefully i get to learn these while am still a student( at least technically)..

What irritates me most is that when people think too high of themselves at the cost of berating others. But then i guess they know only to do tha. Rather show it in one’s work than talk.

7 more months to go. To finish my fellowship. Hopefully i wont go into another training programme or such..:)


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