An awesum week comes to an end..

My Diwali holiday is almost over..And Wow! What an awesum week has it been.. Starting from the full retina surgery I got to do at work to the joyful stay at chennai with my in-laws, this week has etched quite some memorable events in my life. Monday and Tuesday at work was quite pleasant as … Continue reading An awesum week comes to an end..

My “Thala” Diwali at Chennai and the pollution!!!

Diwaliiiii...almost synonymous with crackers if u ask a kid. It's one of those special occasions for Hindus across the world, especially in India. And for me, this Diwali is a lil bit more special. It's my "thala" Diwali. What's that??? Well it's the first Diwali a guy celebrates with his wife...:) and not just that..I … Continue reading My “Thala” Diwali at Chennai and the pollution!!!

My profession

Am an ophthalmologist. The kinda doctor who checks ur spectacle power, prescribes glasses and treats diseases of the eye. Well, thats just the basic image of an ophthalmologist. If it were only as simple as that. Ophthalmology as such has now many sub-divisions. General ophthalmology involving mainly cataract,Orbit and oculoplasty, Cornea and Lasik, Uvea, Lens, … Continue reading My profession