For those who haven’t read my profile, well, am from the Tamil speaking southern state of India known as Tamil Nadu. For most of the Hindi speaking fellow Indians, especially the ones from the north( for us tamilians, anything north of andhra and Karnataka are northern India), am sure u know what this post is gonna be about if u have ever been to Tamilnadu. Hindi and tamilians,well we don’t go well with each other.
Well not just that. The people who speak Hindi even if they are from southern states, somehow or other I end up having an arguement with them when it comes to Hindi.
First things first. Hindi is not the National language of India. Definitely NOT. Yes,u read it right. Just because it’s spoken by a majority of people in India simply doesn’t make it the national language. Surprised?! Well am sure a little bit of googling and wiki-ing around will help u out. There are 22 official languages and not one single national language in India.
This may come as a surprise for many people since many of us just assume otherwise. Not so long ago I almost got beaten up at Goa for stating this fact to a bartender who was acting all smart and tryin to snub me saying I didn even know the national language. Well, I shouldn’t have expected the moron to know such a thing when even some of my colleagues and doctors were surprised when I told them over an arguement.
It’s not just that because they assume that Hindi is the national language that makes me irritated. It’s the attitude that these Hindi speaking people have. Many of them, even those from South India, they look down upon those who don’t speak Hindi. Added to that they have this misplaced sense of “Indianism” that they are more Indian than any non-Hindi speaking Tamilian/keralite/Andhrite(or telangana/seemandhra)etc.. I have to beat the fact into those dumb heads that there are actually 22 official languages in India including Tamil. And each time I have to whip out some rupee note to show them the languages printed on it as a proof. Some people even from the southern state have this “Hindi-Indianism” where they consider other south indians who don’t speak Hindi to be from another country or plain ignorant. Oh puhleez!! U learnt another language, oh so cool… So what do u want me to do about it?? Learn Hindi so that u can have a conversation with me in ur not so original mother tongue??
Even these people, I can tolerate to some extent. The ones who really get on my nerves are those who come to South India without knowing the local language, and on top of that accuse the localites for living in a well just because they haven’t learnt Hindi. Ahem, I guess these people tend to forget they are actually in another state for crying out loud. Hindi is just another one of the 22 official languages of India, goddamn it..If u r gonna make fun of us for not learning Hindi, we too can make fun of u for not learning Tamil/Telugu/Malayalam or any of the other 21 official languages. It’s like making fun of a Muslim/Christian in India for following their religion just because Hindus are in a majority. Grow up!!!seriously!
U wanna communicate with us?? Try learning our language. Or else try English. If u think we r too dumb to know a second language apart from our mother tongue, then bring ur own translator. Cos we are not gonna learn Hindi just cause it will be helpful for u when u come over. If there is a necessity to learn Hindi, then we will. Not to watch some Hindi movie, or join in along with a Hindi group conversation to laugh at Hindi jokes and definitely not to make u feel at home.


One thought on “Hindi-ism

  1. yes you are absolutely right ! but still…learn hindi.. It is not the language of the nation…but language of those who rule the nation…so learn hindi.


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