The redundant Mangalyaan

The title of this post is exactly what I actually feel about MOM. Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM) a.k.a-Mangalyaan..I don’t mean to insult or make light of the incredible minds and efforts behind this mission. But, 450 crores just to show-off that we are also capable of going to outer space??!! Thats what I would call redundant..
People are celebrating all over India via social networks and what nots about ISRO’s first attempt being successful and thus makin it one amongst the four successful space agency to reach mars. But seriously,what’s the benefit? From the endeavours of the other agencies’ it is atleast clear to some extent that human kind cannot survive there as of now. What kind of a contingency plan are we preparing for? The destruction of the world?
Let’s say that the world is gonna be destroyed for example and u r planning to save the human race from extinction. Fine and cool with me. But what is the guarantee, that too in a country like India that let alone even one common man, at least a person with talent who is really eligible, will be even part of an inter-planetary translocation to save human race. It is gonna be the rich and famous people. And why is it that the common tax payer’s money is being used to aid the future survival of those?? Just crap…
Okay let’s go to the next point. Like deep space communication..Duh, I would be happier to have better and cheaper communication on land. Then the great minds of India can think about spending money for deep space communication,navigation or whatsoever is listed. We need better roads, alternate fuel, better telecom services. If u r gonna say a crappy reason that The MOM is gonna take India to the level of other world super powers like USA and Russia, oh puhleeeezz…First establish a system on ur own turf here on earth which is on par with them. Then think about going on turf wars on another planet..
Making things like Spectrum and Coalgate as scams but turning a blind eye when it comes to space mission..WTH!! Only the people at ISRO will ver know if Mangalyaan really has reached mars’ orbit. I bet no one from the CBI will be ready to don a space suit to go investigate about this I guess..Heard of the conspiracy theory about USA’s manned moon landing??I guess we have got one of our own now.
There are millions of people in India below the poverty line without even the basic amenities as food, clothes, shelter etc..and how come a project to take pics with a tag of 450 crore rupees gets approved so easily?? Start building houses for the poor u morons..
It is commendable that India has successfully entered the mars orbit with such a cheap budget that too on its first attempt compared to the other big shots like NASA. But can we really afford that?? A show off of our technology??
If that’s what it is, what about the military tech?? It’s still considered far inferior to those of the USA AND Russians. Our army air crafts and marine warships are nowhere comparable to what they have.. 450 crores is cheap alright. Cheap to the Government of USA and Russia. Not to India. Not to the Indian people.

Jus going along with the viral celebration cos “INDIA” and “INDIANS” have achieved something is stupidity. How useful is it really? And think of all the other useful things that could have been done with that money..Hopefully they dont start a mission to Pluto or whatever.


2 thoughts on “The redundant Mangalyaan

  1. Come on. You can’t be serious. I thought you are becoming a great guy with wonderful vision and now this. Don’t try to see the benefit of something like this in the immediate future. Its not about the destination but the journey. Small things that were done will be of great inspiration to a boy / girl now whose reflections will be seen in the society after sometime.. I accept the fact that we are hyping this too much. But we are living in the age of Social Media. What else can one expect?

    Remember the Jaipur foot.

    So don’t try to find the value of an investment made in something like this directly.Investments made in technologies like this will help us to understand something else entirely which we wouldn’t have set out to accomplish in the first place.

    And what can one say about the effect these things have on people’s aspirations. Amidst all the hurdles that they are facing in their day to day life, things like these take them to the Mars and other distant planets. You only have to listen to conversations at tea stalls and in buses while commuting. They feel so proud and tell their sons and daughters and relatives and friends about this. You don’t get to hear something like that everyday.The pride that you hear in their voices, the motivation people get. You cannot quantify that. According to me, if it lifts them from their daily hassle even for a minute then its worth spending. And believe me when I say this things like these aspire a generation. Moments like these are far and few for a common man in his day to day life.

    You might not necessarily agree with my view here. But the truth is I got inspired by you. If you go by the logic of value for investment, then what did you get in return, for the time that you spent with me in school. I do not know what you got? But I got lot of knowledge, good things to know about people, change in perspective among many others.

    Going by your logic will you say that the time spent on a research or a case study by a doctor will be better served if he spends time for a patient at the moment. The value of his time which is his primary investment at that moment apart from other resources, can and should not be quantified like that by comparing them to the immediate result. No life saving drug can be discovered or invented if everyone follows your logic.

    Why do people make investments? Is it for the immediate present or for the not so immediate future?


    • Satheesh, I do agree with ur points Satheesh. And am sure u know me well that before criticizing about something like Mangalyaan, I would have given a thought or two about it..but agreeing with ur points doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with it happening In a country like India. We have so many other things to develop. Starting from the very basic economy of the country,quality of people’s life, roads (please don’t compare roads in Tamilnadu to the rest of India), better health facilities(the govt hospital??),and what nots..even the weapons tht we have to defend our country.
      Researching on medicines and their cure cannot be compared to something like Mangalyaan. Those are essential things. NASA has been goin on about the Mars mission for decades..what is it that they have gained?? Am not saying that space travel as such is redundant.but to a planet where it’s already been proved to be useless by peers??that IS useless..that money can be even be used for building a better satellite system or other USEFUL things..the whole Mars project started because of te mankind’s curiosity to find if it is inhabitable..when it’s already proven it’s not, why spend 450 crores to confirm their findings that too when I have other problems hovering over ur head??450 crores is still less for a major turnabout I a country like India I agree, but still better used for useful things than already proved useless things


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