The dogma of normality

Who are the normal people? Who and what are not normal?Lets stick to the behaviour, belief, and habits of people. Depends on each individual’s view i guess. But the sense of normality is rather thrust upon an individual than he/she adapting to what they are comfortable with. And thats where the problem starts. Because there is no one uniform code of normality.

A society as a group draws a circle and decides that those who fit inside that said circle of behaviour or law are normal. If u step outside the circle, then BAM, u r branded as an abnormal person.

Only god knows for sure how the homosapiens reacted to the invention of clothes. Scorned upon most probably. Now the normality is the opposite . Walking around like in stone age will probably earn u the cold shoulder like how Andrew symmonds tackled a streaker . Of course, now we r heading back to stone age clothes with all the fashionistas designing outfits or whatever they call them with barely anything to cover the body.

What type of clothes do u wear? Depending on how flashy they are, especially if u r a girl, u might even get imprisoned for doing so in certain countries. But in the same country, a few decades ago it would have been normal.

Taking a picture was once considered to reduce the lifespan and even feared upon. Now selfies are the trend. The only people who’s lifespan gets shortened are the viewers’ due to the insane number of selfies one gets to see on their facebook or twitter..

Every religion has its own beliefs. What is normal in Islam, is considered a sacrilege in Hinduism or Christianity and vice versa.

Eating beef is nomal in Islam, whereas in Hinduism, its frowned upon. Not just the food that we eat, even the way we eat. The world-famous Oprah Winfrey’s visit to India is an example. Oprah was so lost in her world that, while in India, dining with an Indian family, she popped a question “Is it true that there are people who still eat with their hands in India?”. So when did eating with cutlery become normal?

Who gets to decide which is normal? The one in majority? Or the one who is manipulative? In India, bribery has become so normal for things like getting an incomplete paper work signed, paying money to get possession of the body of a dead relative in a government hospital to paying money for bigger things. And all these are done so in front of the kids thus teaching the same principles to the next generation.

Even breaking law to some degree. A police officer turning a blind eye to a car jumping a signal is something we see so very often. Even police officers themselves break the laws wilfully. Maybe because the circle extends a little for them.

It is not long before the world heads into a state where being rich would be considered normal and being poor considered abnormal or vice versa. Maybe it already is..

What will happen in a world without all these normal-abnormal insulation? Chaos due to unlimited freedom of expression ?! Is it for the better or worse? One can only postulate of such a time, as it is highly unlikely..

The idea of normality does have its own uses like safeguarding the society or an individual from criminals. But to what extent? What of the politicians, Mafias, etc? Who are supposed to draw the normal circle for them as it seems to be non-existent…

As i write this, i am shrouded by thoughts of such a world and what i will do if there was no dogma of normality..I dont know if i will be the same person with the same career and life choices, but atleast i would be rid of the fake facade i put up like everyone else. For now, i remain one of those abnormal people curtained by the society’s cloth of normality, with a few holes here and there…


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