When a doctor prays…

What seems like an interesting surgery to the medicos, is sometimes the same thing which has such an emotional effect on the patients and relatives.

Months back, I witnessed a mother crying minutes before her 8 yr old daughter was taken up for a glued Intra ocular Lens  surgery..After seeing that, without even realizing ,there I was praying inside the operation theatre that the surgery should go well for the lil gal..

Things like these remind us doctors,that we r still human and we too have emotions and beliefs, though we tend to think that all the training as a Medico has toughened us up.so not true.And as a doctor undergoing surgical training, one is always enthusiastic about seeing a new surgery, or getting a chance to do surgery. But now and then comes along a patient or their relative, who make an impression in you. All may not realize the role that the patient has played in an emotional level in our becoming a doctor, but to those who do, we are really grateful.


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