Barbeque nation….

Visited the Coimbatore Branch of barbeque nation despite getting stuck up at the hospital for sunday duty!! And thankfully, was able to get a table without any wait as it was just me and my wife. I have already experience what its like to dine at barbeque nation, but that was like eons ago, and as my wife hadn’t yet, that was more than reason enough to go to bbq nation.

Just some pics would be self explanatory i guess. Especially to kindle that jealousy in those few who get to read this..



They started typically with their barbeque assorted containing both veg and non-veg. They were even thoughtful enough to give my wife who is more of a vegan(occasionally she takes non veg) a green plate, so that she doesn’t get any non-veg served…cool,right?Also the service was top-notch. They just kept asking us what we wanted over and over again, that we had to ask them to give us sum time to finish the dishes!!


Apart from their usual unlimited barbeque, they also dished out other dishes. Particularly baby potato masala was awesum with crunchy exteriors.

The fish was exemplary. It almost felt like as if it was melting inside the mouth. Not even a hint of that sea food smell or any small bones. It was so good that my wife, who prefers to be a vegan most of the times, herself ate 4-5 pieces,which is very very rare!!!

But the prawns in the starters was a lil bit of a let down though as it was too rubbery..May be i left it on the grill too long i guess




The main course had papad, coleslaw, noodles, biryani, fish curry, salads, and even curd rice. I had a lil bit of everything just to find out how they taste and all the dishes were pretty decent for a buffet!!



The drinks menu had masala coke, which happens to be one of my favourite. But there was just too much masala in it and i couldn’t even finish half of it ..

Whats a buffet without desserts?? And bbq nation as always were quite generous with the variants. Though not as good as the Bangalore branch of bbq nation, it was quite ok



In the end, they gave us a galaxy tab to fill and rate about our dining experience. After checking out a bunch of options, it calculated that we had rated them 4.5/5. Well, that’s almost what i had in mind too…Looking forward to another dining experience with bbq nation. šŸ™‚


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