Roadside computer sevices!!!

It was Sunday. And my bad luck, i was stuck up at work, and so had to stay back at the jungle that is my hospital campus. Since sundays are usually the ones that i go to coimbatore,which is about 40 km from my campus,to have food at some restaurant of my choice, i was kind of little bit sad.

Feeling a little torpid as one should be on a sunday morning, i decided to finally go buy some meat as i had invited my buddy anesthesiologist, Dr.Roshan for lunch. Now, he is a major foodie and i didn’t want him complaining about the lack of proteins. :p

After traveling for about 6 or 7 km,(yes! that’s how far the nearest civilized world exists from my hospital.almost!!) i found a shop selling fresh meat and fish. After buying the meat, at the request of my wife (well,more of a command), i had to stop at another shop while she went to buy some vegetables along with our maid.

While waiting in the car, i saw one of the strangest scenarios i have ever seen. For a moment I was flabbergasted at the sight of it and slowly inched my car forward to get a better view. And this is a snapshot of what i saw.!!!


Those of u who are wondering whats wrong with this pic, a close up shot!!


Yup!! That’s what it is. A desktop computer being dismantled part by part by a lady selling pots!! Modiji, i know u said that u were gonna take India to new heights, but this is something unbelievable even by your standards!! A lady who sells pots AND services computers??!! And she was dismantling it with such ease compared to the experience i had with my laptop,where i had to google to find out how to take apart my laptop for hard drive replacement.!!

As she kept dismantling the desktop, curiosity got the better of me and i decided to ask her what she was doing. I came to know that she was dismantling it to be sold off as junk. Giving a sigh of relief on behalf of all those computer engineers breaking their sweat over repairing computers, I took a snap to show my friends and family and pull their legs by showing them my regular ROADSIDE COMPUTER SERVICE SHOP!!!


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