The all new iPhone(s) and Apple Watch

My first blog. And could there be anything better than the blog being about the much hyped (as always) release of the iPhones. Let me see,hmm. It’s been almost 6 plus years (just like the iPhone 6 plus) since i switched from the then favourite brand Nokia to Apple iPhone. As the other companies were struggling to get a grasp of what ol’ Steve had pulled out, the original iPhone started selling like hot pancakes, and in doing so gave a glimpse of the end of the symbian era. Though Android and Windows along with samsung’s own os platform have gained considerable amount of the market, still many iPhone loyalists find it hard to move on, mainly because of the iOS and also because of the company that it is-APPLE.

This is just an overall view of features which i liked.

Now then,the new iPhones. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Their release easily being one of the most anticipated event in the techno world amongst Apple fans as well as the critics alike. The fans eagerly waiting to see if its worth to make an upgrade and the critics equally eager to point out the flaws and make spoof videos of the keynote and iphone.

The obvious difference from the previous models – SIZE and THICKNESS. The newer iphones have slimmed down quite considerably from the previous ones

capture1 iphone-size

Though the difference in the thickness is an attractive feature for the ever loyal iPhone fans, the increase in the screen size, as debated by people before the launch time and again, may not be a feature that many Iphone fans may be fond of. But of course, the people at Apple Inc., have to keep up with the competition.So they have little choice. One more notable change is the change in the shape,with the edges of the newer models being closer to the original iphone and 3g and 3gs models with a smooth curve to them. I personally missed those curves.Probably cos am an indian i guess( okay,i know. that was a bad joke)


The next thing. The most anticipated upgrade-The camera. Well, that’s a disappointment if u look at it in terms of Megapixels alone.It still has only an 8MP isight camera. Far below the competition with sony and samsung dishing out an average 13 MP. But what they lack in Megapixels, they claim to make up with the sensor. With features like multiple face-recognition, focus pixels (found in DSLR), local tone mapping, and advanced noise reduction, the camera seems to have quite a decent function to it thanks to the larger aperture size too.



Forget 120 fps, its time to slooooow doooown. 240 fps.!!!Thats freaking slow. Makes it look like even amateurs can shoot scenes like Neo dodging bullets.

Video stabilisation promises a good video for even amateurs to easily take. Instead of running down to get ur Handy cam,u can whip out ur iPhone and take videos of memorable and funny moments.


What is Apple without innovations? Though far from the Genius that is Steve and his revolutionary ideas, still Tim has managed to come up with a first.

The barometer – though the only practical application they have shown is the Health app to take into account elevation factor also when you are working out.For example,climbing a stairs.Hopefully third parties will come up with more apps.

Things like advanced LTE to include more bands, faster speed than iphone 5s, improved image quality are a given.


Apple is finally catching up to the NFC technology, which has been made use of by the likes of Nokia and Android.

Though it’s not something new in the techno world, it IS new in the Apple world and the apple fans can give a sigh of relief thanks to the function which will make their pockets lighter.Literally!!Plastic money to Digital money..



These are the starting prices  excluding the 2 year contract in the USA. as for the WHEN?- available in select countries from sept 19.


Do u need an upgrade?Is it really worth it?

If u r an iPhone fan, then i guess u already know the answer. Those who are not, but still have an iphone,the answer depends on the current model they are using.If u r on models iPhone 5 or below, YES. The difference in speed, performance and productivity is that much different.For those on 5s or even for the fact 5C, it might not be that much of a difference rather than the Apple Pay and Barometer.The difference in speed and performance might not be that much evident for the latter. So, my opinion is that you stick on to your iphone 5s unless u r an iphone fan or u r onna those spoilt rich kids who just want a iPhone.

As for me, i guess i am an apple fan after all..:) It was a win-win situation..:P

Oh yeah, like Tim, I almost forgot about the APPLE WATCH

Looks like an idea taken straight out of the labs of samsung and sony with the name apple and watch to it.The only difference from the competition being the availability of the METAL strap.


Whats more, Apple watch even can be used with a few of the older iphones also

Thats it for now.This is my first blog,so please give ur valuable opinion and comments.Have a great day

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