For those who haven't read my profile, well, am from the Tamil speaking southern state of India known as Tamil Nadu. For most of the Hindi speaking fellow Indians, especially the ones from the north( for us tamilians, anything north of andhra and Karnataka are northern India), am sure u know what this post is … Continue reading Hindi-ism

The redundant Mangalyaan

The title of this post is exactly what I actually feel about MOM. Mars Orbiter Mission(MOM) a.k.a-Mangalyaan..I don't mean to insult or make light of the incredible minds and efforts behind this mission. But, 450 crores just to show-off that we are also capable of going to outer space??!! Thats what I would call redundant.. … Continue reading The redundant Mangalyaan

The dogma of normality

Who are the normal people? Who and what are not normal?Lets stick to the behaviour, belief, and habits of people. Depends on each individual's view i guess. But the sense of normality is rather thrust upon an individual than he/she adapting to what they are comfortable with. And thats where the problem starts. Because there … Continue reading The dogma of normality

When a doctor prays…

What seems like an interesting surgery to the medicos, is sometimes the same thing which has such an emotional effect on the patients and relatives. Months back, I witnessed a mother crying minutes before her 8 yr old daughter was taken up for a glued Intra ocular Lens  surgery..After seeing that, without even realizing ,there I … Continue reading When a doctor prays…


A real life incident from my days of internship. Probably an incident which made me realize in depth, the male-female child discrimination than any other. My first posting was in the department of pediatric surgery under Dr.Ravindran for a period of 15 days. From the start of my posting, there was a 12-year old female … Continue reading THE FORLORN FEMALE CHILD